Russell Ure CEO and Co-founder

Russell has a long history guiding the development of leading edge products; all of these products won awards and subsequently became commercial successes in their different markets.

As CEO of Blacksumac Russell and his team developed the world’s first consumer self monitored home security product (Piper). Piper won awards at CES and established itself as a global leader of IOT self monitored home security innovation.

Blacksumac and Piper were acquired by iControl Networks.

Russell was born and raised in England. He has a passion for products and engineering. He served as Vice President of Consumer products for iControl Networks, CEO for Blacksumac and Rove Mobile and in executive positions in Research and Development at Newbridge Networks, Alcatel Networks, TimeStep and Klockwork.

Dan Carruthers Co-founder

After receiving his PhD in Petroleum Engineering, Dan founded The Permedia Research Group in 1998, an Ottawa-based company focused on the numerical modeling and visualization of subsurface oil and gas flows. Permedia software was used all over the world by the industry’s leading oil and gas companies. Permedia was acquired by Halliburton in 2010.

Since the acquisition Dan has been very active within Ottawa’s start-up community, he joined the Capital Angel Network (first as an investor; later as a board member) and has invested in and supported a number of emerging technology companies including Blacksumac, the developer of Piper.

Kim Wilson Director Finance

Kim brings a rich experience of working with high technology companies through supporting business plans, managing cash flow and ensuring corporate diligence is maintained.

She previously worked as managing Finance/Controller for iControl Networks, Blacksumac, Magmic Games and Rove.

Kim is a Certified General Accountant specializing in tax law.  When she is not crunching numbers, Kim is a very keen Ultimate Frisbee player.

Dan Crawford Director of R&D

Dan brings over 12 years experience from numerous startups delivering robust & manageable software solutions. His background ranges from enterprise cloud-based architectures to building mobile games for fortune 500 brands. His first ‘hello world’ was on a Pet Commodore that eventually was lost to the ‘killer poke’. When he’s not drilling through charts & logs you’ll find him running Ottawa’s extensive bike paths or canoeing between Kingston & Ottawa along the Rideau waterway. Dan holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Ottawa.

David Kennedy System Architect

David brings over 20 years of Linux experience across all sizes of systems from embedded systems up to and including the mainframe, and at all software layers from kernel customizations, device drivers, middleware, applications and communication protocols.  He also has specific automotive experience having written code for an autonomous vehicle in 2004, and an electric vehicle in 2008.  His first ‘hello world’ was on a Timex Sinclair 1000. When he’s not debugging embedded systems you’ll find him riding his Rowbike. David holds a Computer Systems Engineering degree from Carleton University. He recently completed the 2016 Ironman Mont-Tremblant.

Christian Molson Firmware Architect

Christian has worked exclusively at start-ups. His last endeavor was with Blacksumac where he was a founding member and lead firmware developer on Piper, a successful home security and automation product. His background ranges across mobile app development down to embedded hardware. He loves getting things to work whether it’s printing parts on his home made 3D printer, making remote control devices, writing linux drivers or experimenting with upcoming wireless technologies. His first ‘hello world’ was on his father’s Apple II clone. If he had time for a hobby, it would probably be exactly what he is doing now.

Shing Ho Principle Hardware Designer

Shing has extensive development experience building products that involve high speed digital and density designs.  He most recently was responsible for hardware architecture at Diablo Technologies and was involved designing their extremely fast flash memory technology.

Shing has previously worked for Edgewater systems, Gridpoint systems, Cadence and West End Systems and has a degree in Aerospace engineering.   When he is not designing leading edge products Shing loves and is active playing teams sports, especially Ultimate Frisbee.

Carla De Ciccio Director of Marketing

Carla is a communications and marketing specialist who’s been very involved in high technology and digital entertainment industries. Prior to joining Klashwerks, Carla worked in business development for renown independent game developer Hibernum. She also co-founded and ran the Ottawa International Game Conference while helping out several companies as a marketing consultant notably Blacksumac, Magmic and Rove.

Carla holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Business Administration from the University of Ottawa and her trivia team currently holds the first position of the league she competes in.

Robert Watson iOS Developer

Robert is a seasoned iOS full stack developer with over a decade of experience. After a couple years running his own business, he made the jump into the startup world where he was the lead developer for social app developer Pretzil and then joined the renowned mobile game studio Magmic as a server developer providing highly performant solutions for fortune 500 companies.

He’s an award-winning graduate of the University of Ottawa’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program with a concentration in New Media. He also studied programming at St. Lawrence College and was artist in residence and on the board of directors for art and technology organization Artengine. When not building apps, Rob can be found working on his cars or mountain biking with his kids.

Kathleen Ure Manufacturing and Logistics

Kathleen has an extensive background in the home and auto insurance industry. With over 7 years experience working as a licensed insurance advisor, she has helped thousands of car and homeowners choose the right products to ensure that they and their families are well protected. She also worked on various projects within the underwriting and claims departments including policy renewals, changes, reviews, lapses and rewrites. Most recently Kathleen worked at the Superintendent of Bankruptcy as a bankruptcy assistant.

She graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Psychology and is currently finishing a second Bachelor’s degree in Law.


Jeff Washer Mobile System Architect

Jeff is an accomplished developer with over 7 years experience in a mix of mobile and full stack development. Passionate about the Android Platform, he’s worked on award winning products, notably Piper: the home security and automation system and Rove’s Mobile Admin: the IT management solution.

Also from the University of Ottawa, he graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Software Engineering. Now a father of two, Jeff is a family man who enjoys the opportunity to sample a new beer, experiment with interesting programming languages, or get out on the pitch and play some Ultimate.